President Bush

known as George Bush the Liar or George W Bush is destroying America. Bush George started the Illegal Iraq War.

president bush
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President Bush

in President Bush 's 2003 State of the Union Address he told the nation, "We will not deny, we will not ignore, we will not pass along our problems to other Congresses, other presidents, and other generations."

President Bush, known as George Bush the election stealer, became the 43rd President of the United States in January 2001. Americans have called Bush George President Bush for over six years, but for a vast majority, the title doesn't translate into respect. Since he traded his title of George Bush the Governor of Texas for George Bush the President of the United States, President Bush has demonstrated a remarkable ability to lead the country in a backwards spiral through chaos and destruction. President Bush consistently makes bad decisions. He is Bush George the bad decision maker. He is the backwards Bush George.

Bush George - formally George W Bush - has threatened the well-being of American citizens and diminished the United States' stature abroad. President Bush the self-proclaimed "War President" made a mockery of the so-called War on Terror, Bush George threatened our civil liberties, and President Bush attempted to turn the U.S. government into a corporate enterprise advancing the rich at the expense of the middle class and poor. The promise President Bush made to lead as George Bush the "Compassionate Conservative" involved little if any compassion. President Bush traded compassion for radicalism.

President Bush abandoned commonsense, mainstream politics when he transformed the White House into a pulpit from which to preach his religious convictions. Bush George the Christian conservative pursued faith-based welfare initiatives, and George Bush the Seeker of Constitutional Amendments advocated for the Bush George definition of marriage. President Bush and the Bush George cabinet shifted health care, education, social security, and the economy to the wayside. President Bush managed to leave every man, woman, and child behind (except for the wealthy Bush George supporters).

We have at our disposal a limitless supply of literature on President Bush . The Encyclopedia of Political Failures, for which Bush George is the primary source of inspiration, confirms that there is much more to President Bush than meets the eye. He isn't just George Bush the Brother of Jeb Bush or Bush George the Man who will Forever be too Reliant on his Father - also named President Bush. The Encyclopedia tells readers all about Bush George the Substance Abuser, George Bush the Draft Dodger, and Bush George the Man who Managed to Win Without the Popular Vote. Special editions include excerpts about George Bush the Declarer of Texas's Jesus Day, Bush George the Pretzel-Choker, and George Bush the Father of two Headline-Making Daughters.

Neither President Bush, nor George W Bush, and not even President Bush got to where they are today alone. He was definitely not Bush George the go-it-alone type of guy. Bush George got through school at Harvard and Yale with the help of his fatherly connections. George W Bush became wealthy first because of his unhealthy attachment to oil. Second, President Bush became wealthy because some not-so-smart baseball executives entrusted him with the Texas Rangers. George W Bush can't even take sole credit for his religion, which forms the foundation of all initiatives pursued by President George W Bush. Laura Bush made George W Bush a Methodist.

Speaking of President Bush, we should look at who helped George W Bush and Bush George become George Bush the Lousiest Leader to Assume the Role of President. Ironically President Bush, or George W Bush, wouldn't have survived this long without the poor advice of his cabinet. To back up, President Bush would have remained George W Bush had people like his brother and Katherine Harris not helped him become George Bush the so-called winner of Florida and, ultimately, President Bush.

Call him what you will - Bush George, George W Bush, or George Bush the incompetent. The fact remains that George W Bush became President George W Bush and has his misguided friends and family to thank for it. The rest of us have President George W Bush to thank for our current, sad state of affairs. Thank you, President Bush, for putting us all on a little bit of thin ice.

Impeach President Bush!

George W Bush has ruined America 's international standing. President Bush lied to us, Bush George & George Bush the Deceiver should be impeached.

Impeach Bush George!