Dick Cheney

Vice President Dick Cheney also known as VP Dick Cheney of the United States.

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Dick Cheney

Vice President Dick Cheney became Vice President Dick Cheney in 2000 - when he helped George Bush steal the presidency. It comes as no surprise that he was appointed to such a post in the George Bush administration because he has deep roots in the George Bush family. Dick Cheney can take partial credit for George Bush Senior's CIA chief appointment, and following his stint in Congress served as George Bush Senior's Secretary of Defense. Throughout the course of his career, Cheney Dick probably came to understand that family and all its inner-workings like no other American ever could. So, it only makes sense that Vice President Dick Cheney continued to build his legacy off of George Bush - Senior and George Bush Junior alike - and take the reigns as Vice President Dick Cheney.

This legacy of VP Dick Cheney, along with that of George Bush, is tarnished. Look him up in the Encyclopedia of Political Failures, and you'll probably find entries like:
  • Cheney Dick: Young drunk with two drunk driving convictions by the age of 22
  • Cheney Dick: Haliburton Crony
  • Cheney Dick: Not-so-professional hunter, with the hunting accident
  • Cheney Dick: Giving a whole new meaning to the term "peppered."
  • Cheney Dick: Taking pride in the fact that, "except for the occasional heart attack, I never felt better"
  • Cheney Dick: Creator of offshore tax havens for his pals
  • Cheney Dick: The oil industry's #1 fan
  • Cheney Dick: Transforming America from the "Land of the Free" to the "Land of Big Brother"
  • Cheney Dick: Taking America backward, one war at a time
That's a lot to know about Vice President Dick Cheney given that the American Press Corps and citizens alike spend most of their time trying to figure out where (or what) he is hiding. The People's Weekly World surmised that good old Cheney Dick feels the need to hide from terrorists, the Congress, and the American public in general. And with good reason. Vice President Dick Cheney, with the help of George Bush, turned the White House into a war-waging battlefield that may as well be named Haliburton, Jr. Pretty soon our kids will throw the Where's Waldo? books aside and start playing Where's VP Dick Cheney? But with that notorious Dick Cheney smirk, we should have no problems picking Vice President Dick Cheney, or for that matter the laughable George Bush, out of a crowd.

Call him Dick Cheney, Vice President Dick Cheney, VP Dick Cheney, or even Cheney Dick, and the idea is the same. The guy, just like George Bush, is a screw up… (To quote the words of VP Dick Cheney himself) Big time.

The screw ups of the George Bush administration are so extensive that we'll only really be better off the day that George Bush is no longer our president and Vice President Dick Cheney is Vice President Dick Cheney no more. Sadly, though, the days of Cheney Dick are still long and treacherous. VP Dick Cheney and our president George Bush have a year and a half to dictate from the White House, meaning that we have another 1+ years in which to collect the best and brightest George Bush quotes and memorize the encyclopedia entries - Cheney Dick peppering expert and Cheney Dick corporate schemer - that form the base of the VP Dick Cheney legacy.

Until 2009, then, thank you George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for all that you have done for America. We'll try not to return the favor one day.

Dick Cheney or Vice President Dick Cheney also know as VP Dick Cheney of the United States.